What do Some of our PSM Graduates have to Say?

shilpi_desai_Rice.pngShilpi Desai
PSM in Environmental, Analysis and Decision Making
Rice University 2011

"Before coming to Rice, I was working in industry and found that there were very few environmental experts in the company, even though it was a Fortune 500 company. I wanted to learn about environmental policies and corporate applications and to eventually apply these principles to the professional world. I also wanted to leave the previous company and work for a more environmentally aware company. This program helped me do both. The internship at GSI Environmental in Houston, Texas made me leave my comfort zone at the previous company where I knew everyone, and learn to prove myself again. Ultimately, the technical and professional training provided by the PSM program at Rice allowed me successfully secure a position at ERM, a global environmental consulting company."  

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Dan Driscoll

Oregon State University
PSM Applied Biotechnology, 2007
Associate Molecular Biologist, Luca Technologies

“I graduated from the Applied Biotechnology track of the PSM program at OSU with an MS in Molecular and Cellular Biology in March of 2007 after completing an internship with an antibiotic development company called Replidyne, Inc. in Louisville, CO. Doing this, I was able to become more familiar with the drug development process and FDA regulations. After my internship I was offered and accepted the position of Associate Molecular Biologist with a company called Luca Technologies in Golden, CO. I currently work on molecular identification and classification of subsurface consortia microbes involved in methanogenesis and the biodegradation of coal and other hydrocarbons.”

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Jeffrey Smith
PSM Biology, Illinois Institute of Technology, 2008
Senior Engineer, Ion Torrent by Life Technologies

"In 2005, I was an early career engineer working on software for the distribution industry, but I wanted to work in biotechnology.  So I enrolled in the Biology PSM Program at Illinois Institute of Technology.  My coursework covered all of the relevant biological knowledge that a professional in biotech would need to know, including the latest research in genomics and bioinformatics. Additionally, I was given the opportunity to participate in a research group that was developing an open source sequence analysis application.  These experiences were very valuable to potential employers, and I was offered a position at a molecular diagnostics startup in Silicon Valley before I even graduated.  The PSM degree gave me a great foundation for my career in biotech and has consistently helped me differentiate myself from my peers. As an added bonus, I even wound up marrying one of my classmates, making the PSM one of the best decisions of my life."  

Sabra Miller
Creighton University 2011
Marketing Product Specialist, Biotechnology, LI-COR Biosciences

“Success has always been a main goal in my life and in order to fulfill this goal I knew it was essential for me to not only enter a field that I am passionate for, but to obtain a job that I love doing. The dual PSM/MBA program offered at Creighton University has given me the opportunity to reach this significant goal. As a graduate student enrolled in the dual PSM/MBA program I have acquired various desirable work skills that are essential to have in today's competitive job market. I now have the ability to present myself as a science and business trained professional; with the unique combination of these skills I am given the opportunity to explore various career fields.

I entered the program with a BS in Biology so I was eager to learn the disciplines of business and to understand the importance of the integration of business and science. Having a science background I believed it would be significant to obtain more experience in the business field; this lead me to find a Marketing Internship at LI-COR Biosciences. I have since been offered a full time position as a Marketing Product Specialist in the Biotechnology division of the company. With the knowledge that I have gained through the dual PSM/MBA program I am able to thrive in my marketing role. Not only do I understand the importance of a marketing department but I have the skills that allow me to comprehend the science and technology involved in the products that are being produced at LI-COR Biosciences. In the end, not only did I receive a job offer but I ended up with a job that is fun and exciting every day!”

Todd Bridgeman 
PSM Environment Sciences
Oregon State University, 2007

"After 14 years with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration's (NOAA)Commissioned Officer Corps, I had the fortunate opportunity to first discover, and then participate in Oregon State University's Professional Science Masters Program (PSM) in Environmental Sciences. Through its unique blend of science, business, leadership, communication, and ethics, combined with numerous experiential learning opportunities, the PSM program provided the training I required to be highly effective as I move into the second half of my career. Whether an individual is coming directly from an undergraduate degree program, or returning to school after working for several years, the PSM curriculum provides the perfect balance of training and experience to ensure one can function effectively at the increasingly important interfaces between science, technology, industry, and government." 

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Luma Vasiljevic
PSM Industrial Mathematics, Michigan State University, 2006
Assistant Manager - Network Optimization
Transportation Planning, Norfolk Southern Corporation

"I graduated from Michigan State University's PSM program in Industrial Mathematics in December 2006 and joined Norfolk Southern Corporation in January 2007. I was impressed by the quality and diversity of the students attracted to the PSM program. Having a strong background in theoretical mathematics, the program helped me strengthen my mathematical modeling and programming skills and exposed me to a variety of real world problems where mathematical modeling is applicable. The program also helped me improve my communication and writing skills. I believe that the skills and knowledge acquired through the PSM program lie at the core of my career success thus far; However, I believe that exposure to organizational structures and decision making processes as well as organizational data structures and actual data during the program would have eased the transition from academia to industry and made me even more effective in my role."  

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Avinnash S Ravindran
PSM Biotechnology, University of Maryland, Baltimore County 2011
Quality Assurance/Regulatory Affairs Associate, Goodwin Biotechnology Inc. 

“After finishing my undergraduate studies in biotechnology engineering, my next step was to pursue a master’s degree focusing more towards the management line but at the same time not digressing from my science background. A Professional Science Masters (PSM) program had the course structure which satisfied this criteria and I opted to join the PSM biotech program at UMBC in August 2009. The time I spent there was well worth it, gaining a new perspective of biotechnology, strengthening my core sciences, and developing my management thinking. The quality of the PSM program was impressive and the courses I took in Quality Assurance and Regulatory Affairs helped me land an internship last summer and now a full-time job.

One thing unique about the PSM program is that the huge number of presentations molds oneself into an excellent communicator and strong verbal skills gained adds value to the existing knowledge and specialty. The total exposure and network I obtained during the two years eased my way towards the management division of the biotechnology industry.”

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Barbara Belmont       
PSM Analytical Chemistry, Illinois Institute of Technology, 2004
President, American Research and Testing Inc.

"I was already a mid-career chemist on the management track when I started the Analytical Chemistry PSM program at Illinois Institute of Technology in 2001. The course work was rigorous and exciting, and learning long distance and as an older student was a challenge. I was delighted to learn things about chemistry I didn't know existed. I also learned some useful non-chemistry concepts such as proposal writing, technical writing, project management, and organizational psychology, which have enhanced my business skills. Once I had the PSM degree, I began to enjoy leverage and more credibility when it came to making the right impression on my clients. Moreover, completing the PSM program has given me confidence, drive, and self-discipline heretofore unanticipated."

Mansi Parikh
Biological and Pharmaceutical Biotechnology
St. John’s University, 2009

 “Even in the toughest economic times, this program, led by Dr. Bartelt, landed me an internship at Regeneron Pharmaceuticals, New York, where I was exposed to the real world of Biotech Research. I was hired as a full-time employee at the termination of my internship. It’s always difficult for an international student to come to a new country, adjust to a new environment, and get a job after graduation. However, getting into this program at St. John’s was the best start I could ever get to make an excellent career in the field of Biotechnology."  

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Tina Song
Keck Graduate Institute, 2004

“Obviously, the only other (degree) comparison was an MBA. I thought this offered a nice combination I was looking for - the business and the science. I don’t think I would have been able to get my first job without my KGI education.”  

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Alice Lai
Keck Graduate Institute, 2011

“From entrepreneurial business law class, consultant agreements, types of corporations, contracts, etc. have been very applicable to several assignments I've done on the job. Knowledge of the content and how to read these official documents have come in handy while reviewing actual documents at work.”   

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Bill Casey
Keck Graduate Institute, 2006

“Reviewing case studies about how other companies have grown, developed and become successful has taught me how to think about how to do what is best for our business. In Regulatory Affairs, I gained an understanding of the regulatory process that is critical to my current role as a device engineer.” 

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