Individuals and PSM Alumni

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Advantages of Individual and PSM Alum Membership:  

     •   First year membership complimentary to program directors whose PSM program
          has undergone PSM affiliation through PSM National Office at KGI  

  • Network with industry leaders, PSM program directors and faculty, PSM alumni and upcoming graduates at regional workshops and the NPSMA National Conference

      •  Receive career and educational guidance from your peers in the NPSMA Alumni Connection.

      •  Obtain best practices and educational metrics recommendations, research reports on PSM degree measures, and
         bulletins on PSM policy developments

      •  Receive registration discounts to workshops and conferences; present your experiences and ideas about PSM
         program development

      •  Display your educational and promotional materials at NPSMA conference and workshops

      •  Be elected to the NPSMA board or participate on a committee to have a voice in shaping the direction
         of the association

PSM Alum can also:  

     •   Receive complimentary first year membership if your university's program has undergone
         PSM affiliation through PSM National Office at KGI or if university has a membership to the NPSMA
         (Please check NPSMA Membership Directory or PSMNO website to verify)

     •  Network with industry leaders, academic colleagues, and alumni peers at PSM Socials

     •  Present career experiences at regional workshops and national conferences

     •  Participate in the Alumni Connection to benefit from ongoing professional development

     •  Mentor PSM students about career options and help guide them through their PSM programs

        View the PSM Alumni and Students Membership Presentation


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