Did You Know...

...that employers are looking for professionals with math and science expertise to go with their business knowledge, project management, team-building, and communication skills?

And did you know that in just two years, you can gain these skills and get an edge in today's hypercompetitive job market?

Get The PSM Advantage

The Professional Science Master’s (PSM) is a two-year degree that you can earn while working fulltime. PSM programs combine study in math and science with courses in management, policy, and law.

There's a heavy emphasis on writing and communication skills, which are always in demand. Many programs include project management, team experience, a final project, and internships.

What Can You Do With Your PSM?

With a PSM, you'll manage the breakthroughs created by your company's research teams. You'll interact comfortably and intelligently with scientific researchers and business managers, especially in the marketing, finance, and legal departments.

Want to work in government? Many PSM programs offer courses in policy and regulation.

Hot Fields! Hot Jobs!

Professional Science Master’s degrees are offered in a wide variety of fields...

Industrial Microbiology

Human-Computer Interaction

Physics with Business Applications


Geo-Information Systems

Computational Chemistry

Environmental Risk Assessment


Quantitative Finance

Industrial Mathematics

...and many other emerging fields that address workforce needs.


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