Five-Minute Project (5MP) Presentation Competition: 

5MP at 2022 NPSMA Annual Conference in San Diego, CA (Nov 4, 2022)

The NPSMA is looking forward to a return of the live, Five-Minute Project (5MP) Presentation Competition at our annual conference in San Diego, CA on November 4th. The format allows students and recent graduates to craft a five-minute presentation describing their experiential work completed as part of their PSM program. This includes work completed as a capstone project, internship, or another professional experience project.  Please consider entering your current or recently graduated students (Fall 2021, Spring or Summer 2022) who have completed their capstone project/internship for this exciting inaugural event!

What is 5MP?

The Five-Minute Project (5MP) Presentation provides an opportunity for students or recent graduates in PSM programs to effectively explain their capstone project or internship in a face-to-face presentation using non-technical language to an intelligent, but non-specialist, audience in a total of five minutes.  Students have to make a concise but compelling presentation about their capstone project/internship completed as part of their PSM program, the reasons why they choose to complete their specific project, and the relevance and application of the project outcomes to their own goals as well as the goals of the organization.  Students are also encouraged to highlight aspects of their PSM training and link it to their project during their presentation.

This program is similar to well-established programs across the globe such as Ignite Purpose, 3 Minute-Thesis (3MT®), or Pecha Kucha which are all designed to help individuals present their work or research in a short and concise manner that keeps their audience engaged, fosters communication skills and effectively describes their work using non-technical terms.


PSM student/graduate participants at 5MP will enhance their communication and presentation skills (valuable PLUS skills) that could help garner financial support for future projects and initiatives.  5MP presentations will showcase the breadth and diversity of projects and experiences completed by PSM students globally.  PSM program directors will gain increased awareness of the variety of projects that exist as well as the diversity, uniqueness, and quality of projects. 


The Institution must be a member of NPSMA. To become a member visit:

Current students of member PSM programs or recent graduates (graduated in Fall 2021, Spring 2022 or Summer 2022) who have completed their capstone project/internship are eligible to participate. Each institution may submit abstracts for no more than two participants per institution. If the presenter was part of a team project, please choose one of the members of the team to make the presentation on behalf of the team. 

5MP Competition Rules

The 5MP presenters will adhere to the following rules to format their presentation and present their information: 

  1. The presentation cannot exceed 5 minutes.
  2. A maximum of 5 slides can be used during the presentation.
    • Animated content is allowed; however, animations need to produce a complete slide that stands on its own.
    • The slide show must automatically advance through the presentation. The presenter will need to set the timings for each slide.
  3. Flow of Presentation
    • Introduce the capstone project/internship/professional experience.
    • State your reason for choosing this project and initial goals either established by you and/or your internship/project site organization.
    • Provide background information on location/organization.
    • Describe steps to complete the project/internship.
    • Include final outcomes of the project in relationship to the goals established for the project.
    • Share relevance of the final product to the field and/or organization.
    • Connect at least one aspect of something you learned during your PSM Program to your project.
  4. Information must be presented in a concise, engaging and lively format and only spoken words are allowed (i.e., no song, interpretative dance, poetry, etc.)
  5. Each 5MP presentation will be videotaped and feedback will be provided. All participants will be required to agree to be videotaped and to media exposure for their presentation.
  6. Directors, coordinators, or faculty of PSM-affiliated programs can submit the following information to the session moderator, Amber Bloechle (, via email:

    • Student's/Graduate's name
    • Institution and Program
    • Talk Title
    • Abstract
  7. Students/graduates who are selected for this competition will be notified of their acceptance.  Final presentation slides and title of individual presentations must be submitted to no later than October 20, 2022.
  8. All competitors accepted to present at the NPSMA national meeting must agree to attend a practice session via video-conferencing during the first week of November.  Presenters will receive information regarding the date and time of this meeting.
  9. Students should arrive by 10 am on November 4th to the conference location (details to follow) to attend a noon meeting with the NPSMA 5MP team to review procedures for presenting their work. 
  10. NPSMA will cover registration fees for individual presenters chosen to compete at this event. PSM programs or their university should provide support for presenter’s travel and lodging.  We are working on obtaining sponsors to provide prizes for the top three presentations. 

We look forward to hearing from your programs and receiving submissions on your wonderful students or recent graduates!

For more information or questions, please contact Amber Bloechle (



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