Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Since the National Professional STEM Master’s Association has assumed several responsibilities previously met by the Commission on Affiliation of PSM Programs at KGI, there have been many questions about what PSM Programs can expect from the NPSMA.

Here is a list of the FAQs we here the most with answers. Have other questions? Contact

  1. What does this mean for program recognition? The NPSMA will continue to recognize PSM programs. NPSMA is actively reviewing the affiliation process and will contact programs directly regarding reaffiliation.
  2. I direct a currently affiliated PSM program.  Do I need to do anything? No. NPSMA membership dues are $525 per program with a maximum of $2100 per institution.  A single invoice from NPSMA will be issued annually.   
  3. Is this an opportunity for previously affiliated/approved PSM Programs?  The NPSMA invites formerly approved programs to formally rejoin the PSM community as members of the Association.  Write NPSMA at for additional information.
  4. I’d like to start a new PSM program.   What should I do? Individuals interested in starting new PSM programs should join as NPSMA Professional Members ($125 annual dues) to receive NPSMA publications, communications, and expert advice on starting new programs. Write NPSMA at for additional information.
  5. What are the benefits of becoming an NPSMA Program Member?
    • Expert assistance on creating, launching, and expanding PSM programs
    • NPSMA initiatives to promote the PSM nationally
    • NPSMA communications (“Ask NPSMA”) and publications (annual issues of THE INNOVATOR and the PSM Alumni and Graduation Chronicle, monthly PSM News)
    • National exposure of your program on, including the Program Locator
    • Discounted registrations for the Annual NPSMA Conference and Pre-conference Workshop
    • Certificates or Digital Badges for Graduates
    • Use of NPSMA Member Logo and Trademarked PSM Logo
    • Templates for Program Promotion and Marketing

    Join us at the 2024 annual workshop and conference in Philadelphia, PA from November 6-9. Send us feedback at anytime

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