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June 2016: Top Reasons to Consider Graduate School (New York Post)

May 2016: What is Data Analytics? (New@SNHU)

February 2016:  It's Time for a Professional Medical Masters Program (Physician's Money Digest)

February 2016: Degree helps scientist cut turnaround time for forensic DNA (WSU News)

February 2016 UDC’s water and soil testing lab earns national accreditation (Forest Hills Connection)

September 2015:  Experience Equals Jobs: PSM Degree's Benefits Showcased (UCF Today)

July 2015:  KOREATECH Fosters Talents Combining Business, Science (The Korea Herald)

June 2015: A Degree of Uncommon Success (Chronicle of Higher Education)

April 2015: Grant Awarded for Energy Boost Program (Southern Illinois University News)

September 2014: A Masters Degree Designed by Industry (Chemical and Engineering News)

June 2014:  A Degree and Job Skills Too (U.S. News Best Grad Schools 2015, published by U.S. News & World Reports)

April 2014:  Practical Graduate Education Becomes a Movement Within Science Disciplines (U.S. News & World Reports)

March 2014:  Major Employers' Hiring Practices and the Evolving Function of the Professional Master's Degree(Northeastern University)

March 17, 2014: A Degree Where Techie Meets Business Smarts (N.Y. Times)

February 7, 2014:  Many Students Turning to PSM Programs (U.S. News University Connection)

October 2013: Early Career Outcomes Show Bright Future for Professional Science Master’s Degree Holders (Council of Graduate Schools)

October 2013:  Guide to PSMs (Nature Jobs, Scientific American)

October 17, 2013:  Recent Professional Science Master's Graduates Find Employment  (Inside Higher Ed)

June 4, 2013:  Unique Degree Program Fills Void in Biotech Industry (news@Northeastern) 

Aprili 17, 2013:  College in Common: How to Maximize the Potential of your Alumni Network ( 

pril  11, 2013:  Data Science: The Numbers of Our Lives (New York Times)

March 13, 2013: Focus on Job Skills With a Professional Master's Degree (U.S. News)

February 10, 2013:  PSMs: A New 'Creature' on the Higher Education Landscape (Diverse Issues in Higher Education)

June 11, 2012:  Where Did All Your Graduate Students End Up? LinkedIn Knows (Chronicle of Higher Education)

April 10, 2012:  The Rise of the Professional Master's Degree: the Answer to the Postdoc/PhD Bubble (Nature Biotechnology)

arch 30, 2012: Does a Professional Science Master's Degree Pay Off?  (Science Careers)

January 21, 2012: Big Data and Data Scientists -- It's An Issue Of Degree(s) (Forbes)

January 18, 2012: Enrollment Up in Professional Science Master's Programs (Inside Higher Ed)

December 16, 2011:  A New Kind of School to Train Dr. Atomic (Science Careers Blog)

December 12, 2011: First Professional Science Master's Graduates are Finding Jobs (Illinois News Bureau) 

December 11, 2011: UNC Charlotte Launching Graduate Health-Informatics Degree: Master’s Program will be the First of its Kind Among NC Universities (Charlotte Business Journal)

November 24, 2011: Joint School of Nanoscience and Nanoengineering Facility to Open on December 2011 (AZoNano - The A to Z of Nanotechnology)

November 16, 2011:  Where Science, Business Collide (Connection Newspapers LLC) 

October 2011:  History of the Development of the Professional Science Master's Degree (CGS Communicator)

October 2011:  STEM - Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics  (Georgetown University’s Center for Education and the Workforce. A report by Anthony Carnevale, Nicole Smith, and Michelle Melton)

September 2011: PSM Degree is the MBA of the Science World (Chicago Tribune) 

July 22, 2011: The Master’s as the New Bachelor’s (New York Times)

July 15, 2011:  Melding Talents with a Career in Bioprocessing (Science Careers)

June 2011: Reinventing Biopharma: Strategies for an Evolving Marketplace (The Economist Intelligence Unit)

June 2011:  Aligning Higher Education STEM Production with Workforce Demand through Professional Master’s Degrees (Business-Higher Education Forum Issue Brief) 

May 13, 2011: More Local Schools Adding Professional Science Degree: NU, UMass and WPI Offerings Help Students Fill Company Roles More Quickly (Boston Business Journal - subscription required) 

May 2011: Mixing Business & Chemistry: Should I Consider a PSM Degree? (American Chemical Society)

April 2011:  Higher Education and National Security: The Targeting of Sensitive, Proprietary and Classified Information on Campuses of Higher Education (U.S. Department of Justice, Federal Bureau of Investigation) 

April 20, 2011: Education: Rethinking PhDs (Nature) 

March 23, 2011: Degrees for What Jobs? Raising Expectations for Universities and Colleges in a Global Economy  (NGA Center for Best Practices)

March 10, 2011: Why American Innovation will Beat out China's (CNN)

March 8, 2011: Unique Option for an Advanced Degree in Science (The Daily Evergreen)

February 4, 2011: Taken for Granted: Doing Something Different with your Science (Science Careers)

January 26, 2011: The Other Path: The Professional Science Master's Degree is Growing in Popularity but is Losing its Initial Funding. Can it Survive? (Nature)
December 26, 2010: A Master’s for Science Professionals Sweeps U.S. Schools (The New York Times) 

December 7, 2010: Business-Higher Education Forum Receives Funding from Sloan Foundation to Bolster Professional Science Master’s Programs: Will Advocate for Greater Employer Support and Collaboration with Universities (Business-Higher Education Forum)

December 2010: A new Model Master's: Students Torn Between the Worlds of Business and Physics may soon have Fresh Options Thanks to a Novel Hybrid Course Gaining Popularity in the U.S.  (Journal of Physics. This article originally appeared in the June 2010 issue of Physics World) 

November 30, 2010: Professional Master's Program a Boon to Connecticut Tech Industry (UConn Today) 

October 7, 2010: The PSM (Lab Manager Magazine)

October 7, 2010: Biorefining U: University-lead Programs Answer a Growing Demand for Bio Based Education Biorefining Magazine)

October 2010: PSM Recognition Project: Stakeholders Recommend Principles and Criteria for PSM Program Recognition (CGS Communicator)

September 7, 2010: Number of Universities Offering PSM Programs Surpasses 100 Number of PSM programs tops 200 (CGS Press Release)

August 15, 2010: Needed: Support for Professional Science Master's Degrees (The Chronicle of Higher Education)

August 2010: Professional Master’s Education: Increasing numbers of students are getting professional master's degrees in the biosciences, preparing them for jobs in the nation's tech-based workforce (ASBMB Today)

June 18, 2010: Career Advice: Professional Science Master's Degrees (Science Careers)

May 2010: Training Physics Professionals for the Nonacademic Workforce (APS News)

May 2010: Integrating Professional Abilities and Interaction with Employers in an Outcomes Assessment Plan: An Example from Professional Science Master’s Programs (CGS Communicator)

April 6, 2010: Oklahoma EDGE Fund Exec Seeks Oversight Commission (Dolan Media Newswires, as printed  in the Journal Record Legislative Report)

February 17, 2010: Graduation Gaps for Science Majors (Inside Higher Ed)

February 8, 2010: Skills For Success: Pharma Firms are Seeking Adaptable Scientists with the Aptitudes to Meet New Business Needs (Chemical & Engineering News)

January 2010: Is Graduate School for You? (The Mathematical Association of America) 

December 2009: Highlights of the Sixth Biennial Meeting of Professional Science Master’s Program Leaders (CGS Communicator)

November 6, 2009: Promoting Professional Science Master’s Degrees (Inside Higher Ed)

November 2009: Affiliation as a Professional Science Master's (PSM) Program (CGS Communicator)

September 2, 2009: The New York Times publishes letter from the Chair of the CGS PSM Advisory Board (The New York Times letter)

August 2009: Investing in STEM to Secure Maryland’s Future (Final Report of the Governor’s STEM Task Force mentioning the PSM, presented to Governor Martin O’Malley) 

July 2009: Professional Science Master’s Update: The Internship Component (CGS Communicator)

July 3, 2009: Taken for Granted: An Alternative to the Ph.D. Track (Science Careers)

June 20, 2009: Professional Master's in Science is 21st Century MBA (ScienceNews)

May 2009: A master's degree with a business spin gains popularity (Nature Medicine - sub. req.)

May 4, 2009: Needed: Professional Research Technicians: Government Funding Is Up, But Professionalism Still Suffers (Science Progress - Center for American Progress)

April 1, 2009: The Professional Science Master's: The MBA for Science (BioScience)

March 27, 2009: Professional Science Master’s: Programs Merit Wider Support (Science Magazine)

March 6, 2009: Taken for Granted: Shovel-Ready Science (Science Careers)

Winter 2009: So You Want to Work in Business?: Consider A Professional Science Master’s Degree (Association for Women in Science)

Winter/Spring 2009: The Professional Science Master’s Degree: An Integrated Interdisciplinary Degree for Scientists (SACNAS News)

February 14, 2009: AAAS: The New Masters of Science (ScienceNews) 

February 10, 2009: Universities Adjusting to Meet New Demands: More Degree Options Becoming Available Based on Shifts in Employment Landscape (Pittsburgh Post-Gazette) 

January 2009: The M.A. in Applied Archaeology and Current Trends in Graduate Education (The SAA Archaeological Record)

December 2008:  Establishing a Model Professional Science Master’s Initiative for Veterans (CGS Communicator)

October 13, 2008: But Can They Write A Memo?: Professional Group Based at WPI Looks to Ready Scientists (Worcester Business Journal)

October 1, 2008: Masters of Professional Science (Nature Jobs)

September 5, 2008: Taken for Granted: Fitting the Job Market to a T (Science Careers)

August/September 2008: Developing Professional Science Master’s Programs in Partnerships with Industry (CGS Communicator)

August 8, 2008: CSU Stanislaus geneticist Janey Youngblom achieves national certification (California State University Stanislaus)

August 1, 2008: Graduate Programs that Prepare for NonResearch Careers: New Views on the Master's Degree in Science (Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology News)

July 23, 2008: National Academies Panel Endorses Professional Master’s Degree (Nature Jobs)

July 21, 2008: Support for Masters of Science: Professional Science Master's Degree Programs are Vital and Must be Funded, NRC Report States (Chemical & Engineering News)

July 14, 2008: Scientists for a New Age (Inside Higher Education)

July 14, 2008: National Research Council Supports Professional Master's Degrees (The Chronicle of Higher Education - Subscription Required)

July 11, 2008: Science Professionals: Master’s Education for a Competitive World (National Research Council)

June 16, 2008: Masters of Industry: Professional Science Master's Programs take Root (Chemical & Engineering News)

June 6, 2008: Taken for Granted: Over Here (Science Careers)

April 17, 2008: New Graduate Degree Concept Combines Business with Science (News Bureau, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)

March 7, 2008: Mastering the Job Market (Science Careers)

February 2008: PSM Program Assessment from All Perspectives (CGS Communicator)

January 28, 2008: Area Schools Heed Science Industry's Warning: PSM Degree Programs Aim to Produce Business-Savvy Workforce to Keep U.S. Tech Sector Competitive (The Washington Post)

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